Queue list mode

In this mode, the Partyfy playlist agent checks the status of your Spotify client every 10 seconds. When there are 20 seconds left on the current song, it adds the next title to Spotify’s queue list

1. Access the playlist management agent by clicking on the play icon

2. Once on the playlist agent, click on the play button

3. Play any song or playlist on Spotify

Partyfy will then check the status of the Spotify client every 10 seconds

20 seconds before the end of the song, Partyfy adds the next song to Spotify’s Queue list.

That’s all !

What is the WakeLock button for?

Your computer or phone is set to go to sleep after a certain amount of time. Wakelock is used to avoid this standby to be sure that Partyfy will be able to perform the necessary operations to play the playlist. If the icon is red, then Wakelock is inactive. Simply click on it to reactivate it.