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Create or participate in a playlist

Connect to Partyfy

You can log in/create an account on Partyfy in several ways.

Connection by Magic Link

Simply enter your email in the intended field on the login page. A few moments later, you receive an email providing you with a code and a link. You can either copy/paste the code into the field that appeared on the home page, or click directly on the link and open it with the Partyfy app.

Connecting via social networks

You can log on to Partyfy, Google, Facebook and, on iPhone, with your Apple account. Simply click the corresponding button, then select the account you want to log in with.

Create a playlist

To create a playlist, Partyfy needs the necessary permissions on your Spotify account to be able to control the playlist you’re going to create. To do this, simply click the “Create a playlist” button, Partyfy will redirect you directly to Spotify authentication and save the information needed to make Partyfy work.

Take part in a playlist

To participate in a playlist, there are several possibilities:

You have received a link to participate

If you’ve received a link, first install the app, then log in or create an account (the procedure is the same). Then click on the link and open it with the Partyfy app. The playlist will appear directly on your homepage.

On Android, in some cases, you can find yourself on a page with 2 buttons: I have the mobile app, and install the mobile app. If the “I have the mobile app” link doesn’t work, just click on the menu at the top right and select “Open with…”

Participate with a QR Code

If a participant shows you the QR Code of a playlist, simply click the “Participate” button from your home page, then select “Scanner a QR Code.” Place this QRCode in the frame provided for this purpose, and the playlist should automatically be added to your homepage

Participate with a Code

If a participant provides you with the code for a playlist, simply copy it in the area provided for this purpose after clicking the “Participate” button from your home page

Administering the playlist

This section is for the user who has created a playlist

Setting up the playlist

When you’ve created a playlist, you’ve got a configuration button that appears, on the home page above the playlist, or directly on the playlist at the top right.

Fashion queue / Live mode

The playlist can be placed on 2 modes of operation.

Fashion ta
il: The mode tail is useful when preparing the playlist. Before your evening, you can send the playlist to the participants via a link and allow them to pre-add the titles they are interested in, vote e
tc. Don’t use this mode at your party. If you use this mode during your evening, if a user votes for a title and the title passes in front of the title being played, it will likely never be played.

Live Mode
: When the playlist is in live mode, the Partyfy robot gets in order on your playlist and manages the playlist’s playbac
k. The robot first verifies that you are not in random mode. If this is the case, it will automatically disable the random mode on S
potifyIf the song being played is beyond the first 2, then the robot will automatically put the first song of the playlist back int
o playback. Then, it checks the playing title at regular intervals and removes it from the playlist. The goal is that no other song can pass over while playing the playlist. (N.B. If a user votes or adds a title, the same process goes on to prevent the song added or voted from going over the song being played on Spotify.


AutoDj starts automatically from the moment there are less than 5 titles left with a vote greater than or equal to 1 in the playlist. It then adds songs recommended by Spotify to always have a turnover of 5 songs to read

Ban/Allow Users

You have the option to ban a user who would behave inappropriately on the playlist. Simply click on the “less” icon next to its nickname. The user will no longer see the playlist on his home screen. If the playlist is already on the playlist, a message will inform him of his banishment and redirect him to his home screen.

Delete the playlist

You can delete the playlist simply by clicking on the button provided for this purpose. This will remove all associated titles, votes, user subscriptions to your playlist.

Special information

Device compatibility

You can start your playlist from a wide variety of devices: mobile phone, tablet or computer (portable or fixed). There are, however, 1 case where playlist management will not work properly: the TV (o
Chromcast). Chromecasts and other Spotify apps on TV don’t handle the playlist update. If a user votes for a title, it will not be repositioned in the playlist. Similarly, if a title is deleted, it will not be removed from the playlist.

Taking into account the vote of the playlist administrator

The voice of the playlist’s administrator counts double. If the latter adds or votes for a title, the value of the vote is automatically 2 points.

Playing the playlist in the evening

To read your playlist during the evening, it’s easy. Simply open Spotify on the device that needs to stream music (connected to speakers or not), then play the playlist. The robot will then take over automatically as described above, disabling random playback etc.

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