Tuto: Use Partyfy during your evening

This article gives you some simple tips for a successful evening with Partyfy.

Start the evening’s playlist

Set up the playlist on Partyfy

Start by checking your playlist’s settings on Partyfy. By default, the playlist is in fashion queue.

So you have to spend this playlist in live mode. This way, Partybot will automatically manage the songs being played and remove them from the playlist as the evening progresses.

Nothing simpler. Go to the app, click on the playlist’s settings icon:

settings icon

Then click the button to switch the playlist to live mode.

Choose the device that will play the playlist

Avoid using your phone to read the playlist. On the one hand it may ring during the evening, on the other hand, you will not be able to use Partyfy yourself.

Choose a computer connected to your speakers, which can stay nicely in a corner without anyone touching it.

Put the playlist to play

To start your playlist, open Spotify, find your playlist, and play it. after a few moments, Partybot will check if Spotify is not playing randomly and if the song played is the first of the playlist. If not, don’t worry, it will do what is necessary.

Managing “risky behaviours”

We all know this drunk guy who absolutely wants to put the duck dance or his favorite song to dance. But as with a classic DJ, there is no way to let him touch the device that reads the playlist!

How to react?

Generally, one or two votes on a title is enough to put him at the top of the list. So this will be the next title to be played. So you just have to explain to the user how to vote for the title that interests them on the playlist. To top it all off, the voting system generally favours exchanges between participants, who negotiate each other for votes on securities.

A few simple tips

Print your playlist’s QR Code to display in a visible location.

All you have to do on the app is click on the QR Code of the playlist and then download. You can then print it out.

This way, participants will be able to install Partyfy and add the playlist with just a few clicks

Don’t change the song being played from Spotify during the evening

When Live Mode is enabled, Partybot will automatically put the first song on the list back to play if it doesn’t. If you don’t want to use Live Mode, simply go back to Tail Mode, Partybot will stop managing the playlist.