Your guests
are the Dj's !

Partyfy is the collaborative playlist that makes everyone agree.

How does it works ?


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Sign in with your spotify account in seconds. No form to fill!


Create your playlist

Create your playlist in one click and start adding your favorite music


Share your playlist !

Share your playlist with your friends with a simple link or a QR Code.


User votes

Your guests can vote to move songs up and down in the playlist and earn points.

Powerfull search

Use a powerful search engine to find titles, artists or albums you like based on Spotify

Song preview

Listen to the titles before adding or voting. Everyone can make mistakes !


Keep track of your playlist with admin options and the ability to delete titles.


Partyfy automatically adds songs to the playlist if there is less than 30 minutes of music left!

Live View

Displays on your screen the title being played, its video clip and the Dj's score.

Partyfy is free!

Partyfy is in Beta version.
You are our best beta testers, do not hesitate to tell us the problems you have encountered or the improvements you would like to see added

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