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  • Can i add tracks to playlist directly from spotify ?
    Of course you can, just refresh your playlist from admin view, tracks will be immediatly updated
  • What happens if i delete playlist directly from spotify ?
    Spotify never really deletes a playlist. You'll have to delete playlist from Partyfy too.
  • I'm unable to logout from Partyfy
    You're logged in with spotify to partyfy. Simply logout from Spotify on browser, you'll be logued out from partyfy.
  • I lost my login/password to partyfy
    You can only use Spotify to login to Partyfy, so you don't need username / password to log-in
  • I played my playlist, but some tracks disapear from playlist !
    Partyfy deletes old played tracks to be able to reorder tracks when a user votes. If you forgot to disable suffle play mode, Partyfy will delete all tracks before currently played one...
  • What is autoDj ? How does it work ?
    When your playlist is in queue mode, click on live view, it will activate autoDj. AutoDj check every minute your playlist. If there is less than 30 minutes of music awaiting, AutoDj begin to add new tracks by himself, based on recommendations
    To make AutoDj working, your playlist need to be in queue mode.